Issuance of the life certificate of pensioners of Sri Lanka for the year 2021

Issuance of the life certificate of pensioners of Sri Lanka for the year 2021, who are staying abroad for more than two years.


  1. Please kindly note that issuance of the life certificate for the year 2021 as per section 21 of the Pension Circular No.01/2018 takes place during the period from 01.12.2020 to 31.03.2021. Therefore the payment of the pension of the pensioners, who have not provided life certificate by 31.03.2020, will be suspended from May of the year 2021 as per provisions in section 29 of the Pension Circular No. 01/2018 dated 20.06.2018.
  2. The Specimen of the life certificate is available under ‘Foreign Pension’ of the website of the Department i.e. and accordingly the pensioner should download and perfect it in accordance with the provisions of the aforesaid circular.
  3. Further it is kindly requested to certify the life certificates, as per section 27 of Pension Circular No 01/2018, and then to scan and send the same to the email address [email protected] through the official email address along with a scanned copy of the valid passport of the pensioner.
  4. The life certificate of the pensioners gone abroad for a period of less than two years, whose pension files are maintained at Divisional Secretariats, should be sent to the respective Divisional Secretary after certifying them by Diplomatic Mission. The officers at Divisional Secretariat should update these particulars in the data base.