Special Notice Urgently Required Medical Equipment

Urgently Required Medical Equipment By Government Hospitals In Sri Lanka.

The state ministry of Production, Supply and Regulation of Pharmaceuticals in Sri Lanka has provided updated list OF medical equipment that is urgently required by the Government hospitals at present to treat COVID-19 patients..

1 Syringe Pump
2 Defibrillator
3 RO Plant Portable
4 Anesthetics Machine
5 Diathermy
6 Multipara Monitor Advanced OT
7 Delivery Bed (COVID Ward)
8 Ventilator  ICU
9 Multipara Monitor Advanced
10 Multipara Monitor Basic
11 Pulse Oximeter
12 Suction Apparatus
13 USS Portable
14 X-ray Portable
15 ICU Bed
16 Video Laryngoscope
17 Infusion Pump
18 Infant Warmers
19 Phototherapy Machine Double
20 Hand Held Doppler Machine
21 Blood Fluid Warmeers
22 CPAP infant
23 Anaroid BP
24 Mini Autoclave
25 Ultra Sound High End  Gyn  & Obs
26 Incubator Transport
27 Nebulizer