Updates on Sri Lankans in Pakistan

Sri Lanka High Commission in Islamabad and Consulate General in Karachi are closely working with all concerned authorities to ensure the safety and wellbeing of Sri Lankans and Sri Lanka students living in Pakistan. 290 students including trainees from the triservices are enrolled at various universities, colleges and military training establishments across Pakistan. In addition, another 300 Sri Lankans are engaged in businesses and other professions. Out of 290 students, 64 have already returned to Sri Lanka by 17 March 2020.

Sri Lanka High Commission and Consul General are in constant touch with the students and do coordinate with the respective institutions supporting and facilitating the students sort out any practical issues faced by them in their accommodations, vacations and Visas. Almost all students are connected with the High Commission and Consulate General via dedicated whatsapp groups. Sri Lankans are regularly updated and shared of any information related to their safety and welfare, via Missions’ website and Social Medias. Honorary Consul of Sri Lanka in Lahore is also actively engaged with the Sri Lankans and students living in Lahore region.

These Missions constantly monitor the situation of Sri Lankans and are committed to assist and ensure the safety and welfare of Sri Lankans. At present, Sri Lanka Missions in Islamabad and Karachi and Honorary Consul in Lahore are in the process of compiling more detail of Sri Lankans living across Pakistan. High commission encourages all Sri Lankans to get them voluntarily registered in the “Contact Sri Lanka” at www.contactsrilanka.mfa.gov.lk., and also requests them to share their information with High Commission or Consulate General.

Following contacts are available for any information:
SLHC/Islamabad : [email protected]
Acting High Commissioner : 00923335827237
First Secretary : 00923330554946
Consular Officer : 00923355002033

SLCG/Karachi : [email protected]
Consul General : 00923002755775
Attaché’ : 00923321312858

Sri Lanka High Commission
28 March, 2020