Police Clearance Certificate (Migration Purposes)

Police Clearance Certificate (Migration Purposes)

Sri Lanka Police is operating the Police Clearance Certificates Issuance e-Service Online System.
This Online Clearance Issuance System is another remarkable step taken by Sri Lanka Police to enhance, people friendly professional service.


• Read the instructions carefully and validate before applying.
• Application fee for a single application is 1500.00 Sri Lankan Rupees.
• Payment method – VISA/Master/American Express/E cash.
• Fill the name in English block letters in the application, according to the name mentioned in the National Identity Card.
• The Police clearance report will be issued only to the name mentioned in the National Identity Card.
• If a different name is being used in the passport rather than the one mentioned in the National Identity Card, it should be written in the box named “Name in the passport”.
• The duration of residence in Sri Lanka should only be included.
(Except the period in abroad)
• The durations of residences should be mentioned correctly. (Year/Month/day)
• Residential addresses & the relevant Police areas should be mentioned correctly.
*** Important: – Providing accurate information on above will enable to issue the clearance certificate within 14 working days.
• Only a relation in Sri Lanka, whose name has been mentioned in the application which was fulfilled by the applicants in abroad, can be submitted to the office for accepting clearance applications, situated at Olcort Mawatha, Colombo 11.

  • Renew your National Identity Card if it is not clear.
  • Please kindly notice that the clearance report is issued by the Director Headquarters Administration, based on the background investigation reports of you.
  • The Police Clearance report is issued to officers in active service in Police, Tri forces, Civil Security force and coastal security force, only through the written permission of licensed officers.

For the Online System – https://eservices.police.lk/ClearanceCertificate/home.action

For the Application – https://www.police.lk/images/clearence/clearance_application.pdf

In order to extend the date for which the certificate is issued, a renewal application should be completed and the information and the period of the original certificate should be entered. Nothing should be changed other than the address of the Embassy/High Commission. (Note:- Application should be submitted within one year after issuing previous certificate.

You may make enquiries regarding the application you have submitted, dialing the following telephone numbers or by visiting the Clearance Branch at First Floor, Police Headquarters.

Telephone    :- 011-2439185 / 011-2421111

Fax                :- 011-2439186 / 011-2439187 / 011-2439188

E-mail            :- [email protected]

Those who are applying through Embassies / High Commissions should handover 2 copies of the National Identity Card and a copy of the passport and clearance certificates will not be issued for the applications without the said copies.


  • Passport
  • Application to be filled.

Can be downloaded from https://www.police.lk/images/clearence/clearance_application.pdf).

  • A copy of the Face/Detail page of the passport
  • 2 copies of Sri Lankan Identity Card.