Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA)

About Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA)

ETA is an official authorization for a Short Visit to Sri Lanka and is issued electronically. The ETA is introduced with the intention of providing an efficient, reliable and simplified service to those who visit Sri Lanka. ETA holders will be issued a 30 day Short Visit visa at the port of entry in Sri Lanka. The ETA has started to effect from 1st of January 2012.

The ETA is issued through an on-line system. No passport copies, documents or photographs are required. There is no requirement to endorse the ETA on the passport.

On arrival at the port of entry in Sri Lanka

Upon arrival, produce your passport to the immigration officer at the port of entry to obtain the necessary clearance. It is advisable for you to bring a copy of the ETA approval notice along with you.

However, any foreign national who will be visiting Sri Lanka for a short period is required to apply ETA and ensure pre approval before the journey to avoid unnecessary delays at the port of entry and adhere with enhanced pre clearance.

Short Visit to Sri Lanka

An intended traveler visiting Sri Lanka for a short stay for following purposes, must obtain ETA prior approval for their arrival.

Visit Categories


  1. Sightseeing, holidaying
  2. Visiting friends and relatives
  3. Medical treatment including Ayurvedic and yoga
  4. Participate in sporting events, competitions and activities relating to cultural performance


  1. Participate in business meetings and negotiations
  2. Participate in Conferences, workshops and seminars
  3. To take part in Short term training programs (less than one month)
  4. Participate in art, music and dance events
  5. Participating in religious events
  6. Participate in Symposium


  1. Transiting through Sri Lanka – Transit permitted ONLY for 48 hours
  2. Children under 12 years of age are exempted from ETA Processing Fee.
The Types of ETA
  1. ETA for Tourist purpose with double entry for 30 (thirty) days
  2. ETA for Business purpose with double entry for 30 (thirty) days
  3. ETA for Transit up to 02 days Free of Charge basis (Documentary proof needed)
  • At the arrival, applicant may be granted 30 days ETA with double entry facility and double entries can be made from the date of initial arrival (Within given 30 days).
  • The balance period of the 30 days of the initial entry will be granted for the second visit to Sri Lanka.

Business Purposes ETA

  1. Business ETA can only be obtained from;
  • Sri Lanka Overseas Missions;
  • The head office of the Department of Immigration and Emigration (DI&E), Colombo.
  1. Multiple, Double or single entry business ETA can be obtained from Sri Lanka Overseas Missions and the Visa Section of the Department of Immigration and Emigration , Colombo.
  2. The traveler should produce relevant documentary proof of his/her intent of Business purpose visit to Sri Lanka.

On line ETA facility is not available for under mentioned purposes:

  • To participate in Media/Journalist conferences, workshops or seminars etc.,
  • To engage in Meetings, Seminars, Conferences etc., with Political parties and/or groups;
  • To engage in the activities carried out by the NGO or INGO.
How to obtain ETA for Media/Journalist activities
  • Approval of the appropriate authorities of the Government of Sri Lanka should be obtained by those who intend to engage in above purposes in Sri Lanka.
  • Potential applicants may obtain the relevant visa by submitting proof of evidence from Sri Lanka Overseas missions and from the Visa Section of the Department of Immigration & Emigration, Colombo for the above purposes.
  • All foreign nationals intending to visit Sri Lanka for the purposes other than Short Visit must obtain necessary visas prior to their arrival

Diplomatic and Official Visits

Foreign nationals intending to visit Sri Lanka for Diplomatic or Official purposes should forward their ETA applications to the Department of Immigration & Emigration through relevant Sri Lanka Government Ministries and Agencies or Sri Lanka Overseas Missions.


  • Gratis (Free of Charge) basis is applicable only for Diplomatic and Official passport holders.
  • The Gratis ETA is granted for ordinary passport holders, on the basis of arrangements made between the Government of Sri Lanka and the respective countries.
  • Diplomatic & Official passport holders should follow the normal ETA application procedure for their personal visits. However, the Gratis ETA is granted for Diplomatic and official passport holders, on the basis of arrangements made between the Government of Sri Lanka and the respective Foreign Governments.
  • Diplomatic and official passport holders should not apply Tourist/Business ETA for their official visits or to engage in any official assignments in Sri Lanka.
  • Diplomatic & Official/Service passport holders from the following countries are exempted from the ETA processing fee and the ETA procedures for their official and private visits to Sri Lanka.
Visit visa will be issued on arrival to Sri Lanka for passport holders of these countries
CountryType of PassportDuration of the Visa period
Socialist Republic of VietnamDiplomatic, Official90 Days
Republic of CubaDiplomatic90 Days
Republic of IndonesiaDiplomatic, Official, Service30 Days
Union of MyanmarDiplomatic, Official, Service30 Days
Islamic Republic of PakistanDiplomatic, Official30 Days
Federative Republic of BrazilDiplomatic, Official, Service90 Days
Republic of ChileDiplomatic, Official90 Days
Republic of SeychellesDiplomatic, Official, Ordinary60 days at each visit and cumulative duration of 90 days in a year
Peoples Republic of China (PRC)Diplomatic, Official, Service, Public AffairsUp to 30 days
Kingdom of ThailandDiplomatic, OfficialNot exceeding 90 days
Republic of KenyaDiplomatic, OfficialUp to 30 days
Republic of BelarusDiplomatic, OfficialUp to 30 days
Islamic Republic of IranDiplomatic, Official, ServiceUp to 30 days
Republic of MaldivesDiplomatic, Official, OrdinaryExemption of Ninety days Visa fee
Republic of SingaporeDiplomatic, Official, OrdinaryUp to 30 days
Republic of IndiaDiplomatic, Official
(for diplomatic and official visits only)
(If employed by an International body or agency,
Visa/ETA should be obtained for official and private visits)
30 days
Russian FederationDiplomatic, Official, Service30 days
Republic of PhilippinesDiplomatic, Official30 days
Republic of KazakhstanDiplomatic, Service30 days
Government of GeorgieDiplomatic, Official/ServiceNot exceeding 90 days in any 180 days period
Republic of RomaniaDiplomaticNot exceeding 90 days within any 180 days
Hong Kong SARCitizens of Hong Kong SAR30 days
BangladeshDiplomatic, Official30 days
State of QatarDiplomatic and Special passport HoldersUp to 30 days